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•旅客在网上购票必须遵守联航 《旅客须知》及中国民用航空总局颁布的各项有关规定,并对网上购票的各项内容负责。

• When buying e-tickets, the passengers must comply with the relevant provisions set out in the Notice to Passengers and the relevant regulations enacted by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and shall be responsible for the whole course of purchase.


• The purchaser shall strictly abide by the provisions enacted by the competent government authorities for the valid certificates required for civil aviation flights, guarantee the legitimacy and validity of their documents, and shall be held accountable for any consequences arising therein, such as the discrepancy in the user's name or the invalidity of the documents.


• In the case of booking tickets online, the purchaser must fill in the relevant personal and contact information on the flyer. Any economic losses caused by unclear information shall be borne by the purchaser.


• The purchaser must complete the ticketing procedures (i.e. online payment) within 15 minutes after reserving the seat. Payment is deemed as successful if the ticket number is created in the booking system, and the purchaser shall confirm it in the Order Management. Overdue payments will be considered as unsuccessful payment, and the seat reservation will be automatically cancelled. 

•本网站暂不支持购买特殊(票价)旅客(包括重要旅客VIP、伤病旅客、残疾旅客、担架旅客、革命伤残军人和警察、孕妇、无人陪伴老人和无成人陪伴儿童 等)以及需申请特殊服务(包括特殊餐食、预定座位号、轮椅旅客等),请直接与中联航直属售票处联系办理特殊服务的申请和订票业务或拨打中联航客户服务热线 咨询,中联航暂不受理上述特殊(票价)以及特殊服务旅客网上购票的申请。

• Special offers for passengers such as VIP, the sick and wounded, the disabled, stretcher passengers, disabled servicemen and policemen, pregnant women, unaccompanied elders or children etc., and the request for special service, including special meals, seat number reservation, wheelchair bound passengers etc. are unavailable on this website. Please contact with the ticketing office directly affiliated to China United Airlines for special service and ticket booking, or call the CUA's customer service hot line. China United Airlines shall not accept the applications of online special ticket services for the passengers above.


•Purchase of infant tickets is available on this website. In order to guarantee flight safety, the number of infants carried on each flight shall be limited by the airline.



•To guarantee the flights take off as scheduled, for domestic flights, CUA will begin the check-in formalities 120 minutes earlier before departure and stop check-in 40 minutes before taking off.


• Passengers should go through the check-in procedures at the airport counter with the valid travel documents used for the on line purchase of tickets within the above-mentioned time.

Itinerary (invoice)


• The Itinerary of E-ticket for Air transport" (hereinafter referred to as itinerary) is used as reimbursement receipt for passengers to purchase e-tickets.


• Passengers who purchase tickets online will be able to receive an electronic ticket itinerary at the ticket counter at Beijing Nanyuan Airport upon the valid travel documents within 7 days after the full flight of the passenger ticket is completed.


• The itinerary can only be printed once. The itinerary shall not be used as an indispensable voucher for check-in and security inspection.


• Passengers who have printed the itinerary shall provide the itinerary when they request for change, and the itinerary must be returned if they require for refund of the ticket. The passengers may directly return the itinerary to the ticket office where it is printed.


• The loss of an itinerary, which will not be replaced, shall not affect passengers' boarding, and they can go through the check-in formalities directly with the valid travel documents.

Application for ticket changes


• Passenger ticket changes refer to the alterations of the flight's departure date, time and class.


• The changeable ticket can be upgraded into a higher open class prior to the original flight if there is no equivalent open class for the rescheduled flight, and the corresponding expenses for the upgraded class is required. Meanwhile, the rescheduling fees should be charged.


• The passenger can handle online the above-mentioned ticket change for domestic ticket purchased online.


• The passenger can not handle online the above-mentioned ticket change for international ticket purchased online.


• E-tickets change services are available at the CUA customer service line (400-102-6666), or the passengers can also choose the related services at CUA’s ticket offices or airport counters.

Change of the passenger's document number after ticket issuance


• Passengers who buy tickets on line should correctly enter their document number into the Passenger Information column. If needing to change the document number after ticket issuance, it only can be rewritten once within three digits (inclusive). Please contact the CUA customer service 400-102-6666 one hour earlier before the actual departure time of the flight.


• If the passenger's document number is found inconsistent with that used in check-in procedures (the wrong numbers are more than four digits (inclusive)), the original ticket can only be refunded as voluntary.


• Except that three digits (inclusive) can be changed as for Citizen ID card (including the household register) and the permanent resident ID card of the People's Republic of China, only two digits (inclusive) can be changed for other documents.

Change of passenger name after ticket issuance


• Passengers who buy tickets on line should correctly enter the flyer's name into the Passenger Information column, which should be consistent with that in check-in documents.


• If needing to change the passenger name after ticket issuance, please contact the CUA customer service 400-102-6666 before the actual departure time of the flight.


• The name can only be changed with homophones, phonetically similar words, homonyms, radical-error words, Chinese phonetic alphabets or English letters (only within three digits (inclusive))

Ticket rules


For more information, please refer to: http://new.flycua.com/travelhelp/index.html

Ticket verification


• The passengers who purchase the e-tickets can login to the ticket verification page on the CUA website and enter the ticket number and passenger name to check the authenticity of the purchased ticket and the itinerary's serial number.

FAQ on Payment

FAQ on Payment

• FAQ on Payment

1. 网上银行已经扣款,但“我的订单”中订单状态仍为“等待支付”?

1. Why is "my order" status still "unpaid" after the online payment deducted from my bank account?


A: This is because your payment data has not been immediately transmitted to CUA. The system will automatically start renewing your payment status, please wait for 3 to 5 minutes and do not click the "Pay" button again, and if the order status still shows “paid”, contact the CUA customer service.

2. 网上银行重复多次付款了该怎么办?

2. What if my bank account is deducted more than necessary?


A: It is because your payment information has not been immediately transmitted to CUA. We will return the surplus money to your payment card.


If you are still unable to pay, please call our 24-hour service hot line 4001026666 for help.

价格举报电话:12358; 监督电话:4001026666